Champion history Edit

Wrestler Reign Episode/series won Event Episodes held Notes
Kairi Sane 1 Episode #9 (Series 1) Backlash (Part 1) 55 Defeated Shayna Baszler for the vacant title. The title moves to the Raw brand, due to Sane's status as a Raw Superstar.
Bianca Belair 1 Episode #64 (Series 1) Hell in a Cell (Part 1) 22
Ronda Rousey 1 Episode #86 (Series 1) Royal Rumble (Part 1) 1+ Ronda Rousey cashed in her Women's Money in the Bank contract.

Combined reigns Edit

Wrestler Reigns Episodes held
Kairi Sane 1 55
Bianca Belair 1 22
Ronda Rousey 1 1+

The plus symbol indicates the current champion.