GTA 5 Cops and Robbers is a series of a custom Cops and Robbers game mode on Grand Theft Auto 5, featuring Gore and Perkins, with Ben and Platty usually making appearances. The series was very on and off on Gore and Perkins' YouTube channel, originally running from 2013 until 2015, then returning from a hiatus in 2016. It was brought back on their Twitch channel in 2018, replacing the Mega Races.

Information and rules Edit

Original format Edit

Under the original format, the cops and robbers would start off in either a close location or in the same location. The robber would be given a 10 second head start to try and evade the cops by any means necessary, while the cops would give chase and try to 'catch' the robber by killing them. The aim of Cops and Robbers under this format was basically survive for as long as you can, which led to a near hour long video one time.

The cops were able to use any weapon they wanted to try and stop the robbers, but the robbers were unable to retaliate and simply had to dodge whatever weapon was being used against them. The only way to stop the robbers was to shoot them or blow them up with explosives, as it was decided running them over while not in a car and not being able to retaliate was an unfair advantage.

If the robbers died in any way that wasn't caused by the cops (not the actual in-game cops), the game would continue until the robber died by the cops 'catching' them. Additionally, the robbers could pick up another vehicle if the one they used before they died is either lost or out of commission.

Revamped format Edit

When Cops and Robbers was brought back in 2016, the format and rules were revamped, most likely to avoid long videos. In this version of Cops and Robbers, the robbers start in a separate point to the cops and have a 40 second head start to get away, since they are further away from the cops than they were in the original format. This version of Cops and Robbers is more of a point-to-point race, where the robber has to race through a certain point of the map, then reach a checkpoint to be successful, and they only get one life this time unless they die in a way not caused by the cops. If all the robbers are 'caught', then whoever got the furthest through the route is declared the winner. If all robbers successfully get away, then it goes by whoever completed the getaway in the quickest time. This was decided after Perkins was caught by Gore halfway up Mount Chilliad in just under 5 and a half minutes, while Ben survived over 7 minutes, but didn't make it as far as Perkins.

Unlike the old format, cops can only get kills using pistols, and they must be in the car when they get the kill. The latter rule came into effect after Ben killed Gore while he wasn't in a car, which Gore deemed to be an unfair advantage against him.

Like the last format, robbers are able to continue if they are killed in a way not caused by the cops and can switch vehicles at any time. However, to make things more difficult for the robbers, they must have their HUD turned off and can't pause to look at the map.